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What kind of pets does Lovem & Leavem care for?
All common household pets including dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters mice, ferrets and reptiles.  Contact us if you don't see your pet mentioned.

What is the MINIMUM number of visits you will provide for my pet?

DOGS:  We will not provide service to dog households which request less than (3) visits per day UNLESS you have a "doggy door."  Every 8 hours allows your dog to remain comfortable while you are away!

CATS:  We will not provide service to cat households which request less than (1) visit per day.

Why do I have to have an initial consult?
A "meet and greet" with you and your pet(s) is necessary before any services can be rendered.  This gives everyone the opportunity to meet each other and for us to understand the individualized care necessary for your specific family.  If services are booked and paid for at the time of the consult, you will receive your first visit FREE. 
Will you leave our house key after your last visit?
Plans change, vacations get extended at the last minute and emergencies can happen.  These are all reasons why we DON'T leave your keys.  Rest assured, all client keys are kept in a secured and locked location.  In addition, once you have had an initial consult, future petsitting requests can be met without having to exchange or pick up keys.  We are happy to make arrangements at any time for your keys to be returned to you! 
How can I be sure you'll remember my visits?
You will receive an emailed invoice from us about a week before your departure.  We ask that you review it for accuracy and notify us of any errors or changes.  We can also text you on our first visit so you know we've begun the assignment!

NOTE:  Until we have confirmation (a text message or phone call) from you letting us know that you have arrived back home and your pet is safe, we are still on duty and will continue visiting. 

Should I tip my petsitter?
We get asked this question all the time, so we will elaborate on the subject for our clients.  Truth be told, our petsitters tell us they do not expect a tip from clients. Your repeat business is compliment enough!
However, pet sitters are service providers who often work seven days a week, 365 days a year, just so you can have the peace of mind they provide in caring for your beloved pet(s) when you’re unable to do so. It’s an occupation that is built upon trust, dependability, professionalism and a love of animals. It’s not surprising that you may want to show your appreciation for their services.
If this is the case, then a monetary gift is always appreciated. The amount is up to you, but 10-20% of the total bill seems to be the standard for those who choose to tip.  It doesn't always have to be monetary either.  Other ways our clients have let our pet sitters know they've done a fantastic job:  gift cards, small gifts from vacation destinations, stocked fridges and pantries with their favorite snacks and drinks, bottles of wine, tshirts, movie passes, etc.   
The BIGGEST reward of all is recommending Lovem & Leavem to family, neighbors and friends - new business is always appreciated!