Lovem & Leavem Petsitting - You Go - The LOVE Stays
Initial Consult

(REQUIRED before any services can be rendered).  Meet you and your pet(s); complete and sign all paperwork; collect keys; answer any questions and tour your house.  This service is provided FREE of charge!
"PIT" Stop
Just a "quickie" bathroom break; scoop a litter box; refresh water and treat.  (NO feeding).  Did you forget to turn off an appliance or set your security alarm?  Want to grab dinner after work and don't want to come home?  This is the perfect solution!
Regular Visit (30 minutes)
Dog walk or yard break; toy or ball playing; petting/TLC; refresh and/or scoop the litter box; water and feed if needed; treats. 
*2 dog MAXIMUM at a time to maintain safety at all times. 
*Dogs must be able to walk together 
*Have no aggressive behaviors whatsoever! 
*A MINIMUM of (3) visits per day (every 8 hours) for vacationing 
  clients who don't want overnight visits
Extended Visit (60 minutes)
Same description as a regular visit, just longer.  Ideal for puppies, pets who need more exercise, multiple or crated pets ,  elderly pets or special/supervised diet needs.
Overnights (PER Night)
A WONDERFUL alternative to boarding your pet(s).  We provide nightly care in YOUR home!  Includes a 8- 10 hour stay; bedtime and morning potty breaks; dinner and or breakfast feeding;  medicine dispensing (if needed) along with plenty of love and attention for your pampered pooch!
Poop Scooping Services
If you have family members of the canine persuasion, chances are your yard is a mess. You know it needs to be cleaned - but when? It's a never-ending chore that must be done. During each visit, we will police your yard, scoop up all the dog poop, bag up and remove everything we find for you!
Pet Taxi (Small Breeds Only)
Great for vet (well visits), training or grooming appointments when Pet Parents are stretched for time!